Using a Text Club to Engage Your Business’s Target Audience

Text Message Open Rates at 99%Build a Community of Customers That You Can Speak to Directly!

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes with an average response time of 90 seconds. Compare that to a 2 day average response time for email.

Business to Consumer Communication is Shifting Towards Texting

Tip: Text Coupons are 10x More Likely to be Redeemed!According to a recent poll of 500 United States based millennials, texting is the number one preferred channel to receive notifications from a business. By 2025 50% of text message consumers receive will be from preferred business. Into 2017, companies have a huge, untapped opportunity to use test messaging to communicate with customers.

Why Use Text Clubs?

  • Text messaging is the easiest and most effective way to interact with your customers
  • Unlimited blasts to your club (recommended no more than 1 per week to retain interest)
  • We help you craft messages
  • Increase customer engagement & drive revenue through contesting and coupons

Grow Your Text Club Database


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